IT M7 Mobile Technologies


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1. Programming environment of mobile devices

1.1. Programming environment
1.2. Servicing emulator of mobile devices.
1.3. Emulating components and surroundings of mobile devices.
1.4. Programming in Java language.
1.5. Process of creating application for Android platform.

2. Programming mobile devices

2.1. Launch environment of applications.
2.2. Creating user’s interface.
2.3. Link-up and communication.
2.4. Creating a final version of an application.

3. Databases systems in mobile technologies

3.1. Application of related databases in mobile technologies.
3.2. A mobile database administration.
3.3. Servicing database from level of mobile application.

4. Wireless networks

4.1. Modification of routing rules.
4.2. Encrypted tunneling service.
4.3. A work with system firewall.
4.4. Generating SSL certificates.

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