IT M3 Spreadsheet Calculations


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1. Data management in a spreadsheet

1.1. Using advanced properties of graphs.
1.2. Using elements of a form.
1.3. Downloading data from external sources (databases).

2. Functions

2.1. Using functions to solve problems (mathematical, text, financial, retrieval, logical, databases)
2.2. Using panel formulas
2.3. Application of cycle references

3. Data analysis

3.1. Analysis ToolPack
3.2. Using of Solver tool
3.3. Application of Search for result tool

4. Macro commands

4.1. Preparing environment for work with macro commands
4.2. Registration of macros
4.3. Registration of macros
4.4. Discussing elements of VBA language
4.5. Monitoring executing
4.6. Creating custom functions
4.7. Creating macro commands which cannot be registered
4.8. Conforming an application

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