IT M5 Multimedia


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1. Computer graphics


1.1. Editing techniques: photomontage, collage.
1.2. Reconstruction of a damaged picture.
1.3. Extending the abilities of the graphic program, the installation of additional elements and their practical use.
1.4. Scripts – the automation of the user’s work.


1.5. Practical use of both vector and raster graphics.
1.6. Preparing materials for printing.

2. Digital sound editing

2.1. Radio sound forms and its practical use.
2.2. Radio editing techniques.
2.3. Dubbing.
2.4. Additional techniques connected with digital sound editing.

3. Film

3.1. Advanced video editing techniques.
3.2. Creating full subtitles for a film.
3.3. Issues connected with preparing the material for publication.
3.4. Exporting films in non-standard formats.
3.5. Importing clips from non-standard formats.

4. Archiving digital data

4.1. Mastering an audio CD.
4.2. Creating interfaces for DVDs.
4.3. Dividing films into chapters.
4.4. Mastering a DVD.

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