IT M4 Databases


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1. Database administration

1.1. Introduction to expert use of databases in a distributed environment.
1.2. Users management in expert uses of the databases.
1.3. Monitoring the database state.
1.4. Browsing database objects.
1.5. Data export and import.

2. Tables, perspectives and sequences

2.1. Database data types in expert applications.
2.2. The rules of naming objects in expert applications.
2.3. DDL code generation for the selected object. Creating database objects using a text interface.
2.4. Operations on the integrity bonds.
2.5. The notion of perspective. Constructing perspectives.
2.6. The notion and practical use of sequence.

3. Queries

3.1. Methods of creating a query (text interface, Query Builder).
3.2. Constructing join selective queries.
3.3. Constructing functional join queries.
3.4. Queries using DUAL table.

4. Procedures and stored functions

4.1. Introduction to procedural language.
4.2. Triggers, stored procedures and functions.
4.3. Stored procedures and functions with the parameters.
4.4. Stored procedures and functions returning values.

5. Building applications and reports

5.1. Creating query-based reports.
5.2. Building query-based applications.
5.3. Forms.
5.4. Working with the application and exporting the results.

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