DCM5 Problem Solving


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Competences are verified in the following competence titles:

1. Solving technical problems.
To identify technical problems when operating devices and using digital environments, and to solve
them (from trouble-shooting to solving more complex problems).
2. Identifying needs and technological responses.
To assess needs and to identify, evaluate, select and use digital tools and possible technological
responses and to solve them. To adjust and customise digital environments to personal needs (e.g.
3. Creatively using digital technologies.
To use digital tools and technologies to create knowledge and to innovate processes and products. To
engage individually and collectively in cognitive processing to understand and resolve conceptual problems and problem situations in digital environments.
4. Identifying digital competence gaps.
To understand where one’s own digital competence needs to be improved or updated. To be able to
support others with their digital competence development. To seek opportunities for self-development
and to keep up-to-date with the digital evolution.

The competence verification is carried out in the following groups:
1. Knowledge (K).
2. Skills (S).
3.Abilities (A).

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