DCM4 Safety


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Competences are verified in the following competence titles:

1. Protecting devices.
To protect devices and digital content, and to understand risks and threats in digital environments. To
know about safety and security measures and to have a due regard to reliability and privacy.
2. Protecting personal data and privacy.
To protect personal data and privacy in digital environments. To understand how to use and share
personally identifiable information while being able to protect oneself and others from damages. To
understand that digital services use a “Privacy policy” to inform how personal data is used.
3. Protecting health and well-being.
To be able to avoid health-risks and threats to physical and psychological well-being while using digital
technologies. To be able to protect oneself and others from possible dangers in digital environments
(e.g. cyber bullying). To be aware of digital technologies for social well-being and social inclusion.
4. Protecting the environment.
To be aware of the environmental impact of digital technologies and their use.

The competence verification is carried out in the following groups:
1. Knowledge (K).
2. Skills (S).
3.Abilities (A).

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