DCM2 Communication and collaboration


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Competences are verified in the following competence titles:

1. Interacting through digital technologies
To interact through a variety of digital technologies and to understand appropriate digital communication means for a given context.
2. Sharing through digital technologies
To share data, information and digital content with others through appropriate digital technologies. To
act as an intermediary, to know about referencing and attribution practices.
3. Engaging in citizenship through digital technologies
To participate in society through the use of public and private digital services. To seek opportunities for
self-empowerment and for participatory citizenship through appropriate digital technologies.
4. Collaborating through digital technologies
To use digital tools and technologies for collaborative processes, and for co-construction and co-creation of data, resources and knowledge.
5. Netiquette
To be aware of behavioral norms and know-how while using digital technologies and interacting in
digital environments. To adapt communication strategies to the specific audience and to be aware of
cultural and generational diversity in digital environments.
6. Managing digital identity
To create, and manage one or multiple digital identities, to be able to protect one’s own reputation, to
deal with the data that one produces through several digital tools, environments and services.

The competence verification is carried out in the following groups:
1. Knowledge (K).
2. Skills (S).
3.Abilities (A).

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